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The plop heard round the world: this is IT! The very first Three Day Stubble release, and what more appropriate format than the then maligned, but now ever so trendy 8-Track? This 8-Track only release, succinctly titled "NERD ROCK", came out in 1982. It originally was packaged, along with some loose potato chips, in a plain brown paper lunch bag (the 8-Track itself was protected in a zip-lock sandwich bag). It sold for a list price of $2.86 at all the better Houston record stores.

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The "Friendly Park Survivors" cassette was released in 1983 . Its packaging was similar to the 8-track, except the chips were now contained in order to protect the lunch bag. This is the most comprehensive compilation of the early recordings. Brently and Solomon compiled this masterpiece, making sure to include all the legendary cult classic / experimental tracks.

It took a while to get the "Monster " LP together, but in 1986 it was finally grunted out on Fart Blossom Enterprises. It was a lot of work trying to get this one out - oweee! Bob Durkee (FBE) was deep in debt to the pressing plant, which was owned by a slimy L.A. entrepreneur named Tabb Rex, but through the judicious application of Pusser's big stick and Donald's even bigger wads of cash, the album finally went to press. Included in the first 900 albums was an overseas hat hand silkscreened by Donald.

Nerd Rock

Friendly Park Survivors


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The "Wafer of Darkness" CD, named for one of Stubble's most popular live songs and inspired by Bobo, was released in 1991. In concept the "Wafer" was to be made of black vinyl and packaged without any writing at all, but economics and tradition demanded the next release be CD only. Included in the CD package is a cartoon by Donald, illustrated by Chilly.

Wafer of Darkness

This is the first 7 inch ‘single’ and the second Vinyl release for Three Day Stubble. Just after mastering  Wafer of Darkness  it was noticed that there was a mistake, Welcome to the World was missing from the tracks intended for release. Oopsie! So, in 1992 when Angry Neighbor was looking an unreleased track the answer was easy! Welcome to the World made it into the world at last.

Welcome to the World

"Festival of the Wedding of the Seagoat" CD came out in October of 1993 during the first full length national tour, a hyper-mobile assault on good taste which also spawned the best selling expose "Hamster of the Gods."

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Festival of the Wedding

of the Seagoat

The Figshta Dairies!

This 1999 release contains the music from opera of the same title. Staged in March of 1998 in San Francisco, The Figshta Diaries tells the musical story of a girl's painful rejection by her family and society, her loss of mental health, and of her ultimate, if ambiguous, psychic redemption.  Songs include the rec-room minimalist bounce of "Figstha", the synth slide guitar mind warp of "Gigglefat Carbuncle Smile", and the nervous funk of "Baby Butt Baby". 

These stickers were designed by Fritz Welch , who also did the cover art for “Festival of the Wedding of the Seagoat” CD, in 1993. These crack and peel stickers were originally printed for the US tour the same year. After selling out the initial printing an other printing occurred a year later for the Bum Titty Butter Boy tour. Both print runs were done by Punks with Presses.

Fritz Design Stickers

The "Rubbing and Wiggling for You" VHS Video Tape is a rare treat, offering a look into Stubble's past, and our galaxy's future. The "embryo grunt edition" came out in September of 1994 just prior to the Bum Titty Butter Boy Tour, and includes video from 1983 through 1994.

Rubbing and Wiggling for You

Cool Beans! This 1997 - 7 incher is one inch bigger than average (Oh my!) and was recorded in the winter of `96 at Scott Colburn’s in Seattle. Unfortunately, he is not credited on the liner notes for the use of his studio or his audio wizardry. Thank you Scott! It is interesting to note, however, that this studio ‘Ori’, the title track, is one of the few studio recordings done with Sal on drums.

Bing Bong

Everybody loves to have fun and the year 2000 was a good time to enjoy it. Is there a better way to bridge a cultural divide and a language a barrier, while having fun other than playing with a coloring and activities book? Three Day Stubble didn’t think so when preparing for their first tour of Japan. Thank to Nif D. this 28-page full size coloring book teaches the highlights and history of Three Day Stubble while providing hours of fun for all ages.

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Coloring Fun Book

How dose a band whose music is considered “out there” take a step further out in to the realm of avant-garde experimentalism? Well, this 2002 release is proof of the concept and Three Day Stubble’s commitment to their open minded roots. Recorded at Luck Cat Studio in 2001, Kurtsie, the engineer became so instrumental, so to speak, to this work that his picture is included on the front cover.

Let Your Morsel Find Its Way