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Member History
The Founding:
Late in 1980 Donald, Brently and Wilma decided to start the band, set a date for December 7 to create and record. Buster was invited to make beats but, Wilma didn’t show up so Donald, Brently and Buster proceeded to without her. After the recording session they went to the local Pacifica radio station, KPFT, and played some of the new music on the air.

The very next week Wilma and Captain Dan Man joined up. Soon after that many other friends joined in the merriment of making Three Day Stubble music. Over the next year the band met regularly on Sundays writing and recording new songs. 

Donald the Nut 
Vocalist, trumpeter and frontman for the band, Donald is also the purveyor of AVI, the art form of body movement and vocal sounds. Donald has been described as a child raving lunatic madman in both his singing style and stage performances. Appearing on the GongShow in 1989, he promoted the band and performed AVI to a national TV audience.

Brently Pusser (A.K.A. Brently Joe Don Tanna)
Guitarist and default musical leader of the band, Brently has played guitar since he was 9-years old. He is known for his creative improvisational guitar styles as well as solid rhythmic structures while occasionally stripping down to diapers on stage. He has also been known to bust up the musty bucks by tucking money it in his... Well, you get the idea.

Mr. Hungry
Guitar, keyboard and synth player extraordinaire where do you want to eat today? Yes, Mr Hungry likes to eat but you would never know it by his svelte body and the way girls go crazy for his stuffed booty and sexy legs that enhance his hot pants. Mr. Hungry! Quit eating my pie!

Lance Boyle (A.K.A. Murder’r Bob)
“The bass player is the most important member of the band”. Once he said it, that’s it! With low tones and high fashion, Lance has a sleazy sense of rhythm that holds the sound together with cotton balls and a pencil thin mustache. Just try back-bending ninety degrees while trying to fly! 

Chauncey Sanchezhaggischtein
Whack the drums and whack that man on the head because his playing is wack, in a good way! Chauncey is living his childhood Houstonian dreams by getting to play with his heroes. However, don’t tell him he looks silly in his tennis shorts and that WTF straw thing on his head; he might have an accident or miss a beat.

Shibbie Dow (A.K.A. Chilli Willie and Chillie Shibbie)
“Small Drums, big package” is not his motto but you might think so when he sits behind his famous “Chilly Dog”, a junior-size drum kit. He is humble in contrast to Lance but is just as slick when he does the chilli walk, which is really more of an arms in the air “I can shuffle” shuffle!

Noreen Spumoni (A.K.A. Dave Spumoni)
Percussion silliness and a pregnant sticks to boot, Noreen adds that trans-je ne sais quoi to the sound that makes the audience comfortably uneasy. She has managed to bless many recordings and live shows over the years while getting lost and forgetting bags at the airport are her favorite fun time tour games. 

Kurtsie Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße
Just ignore the guy with the headgear behind the curtain! Engineer and bicycle helmet safety advocate, Kurtsie usually controls everything from behind the master switch but occasionally can be found playing with his cell phone on stage.

Soon  you will be able to find profiles of  past Three Day Stubble members and guests. 

This page is dedicated to the memory of Greg Foster and Trey Parker.